NEW YORK, NEWWWWWWWW YORK! We just returned from NY where we had a great time on the Amberjack cruise boat and celebrated all of the warriors returning and building support for all the ones still there. First class treatment for all of the participants as AnySoldier.com Marty Horn showed up in a classy Army uniform and looking better than he did they day he got it. Many supporters arrived on the “boat� early evening as the area weather was great and as the sun began to set, the ship began the cruise. Music, drinks, appetizers and the such were a plenty as all of the “Junkies� got to meet all of their warriors that they one time supported. Meeting the supporters and putting a face with a name was the best part. Although boating through many of the city’s famous places was outstanding at night. Lit up bridges and Statue of Liberty really made the evening. This was the firs time I’ve seen the Statue of Liberty or even been to NY. The view of her from the water was great. Detailed and proud. The crew of the Amberjack was awesome. All very professional and helpful made the evening a hit with both service members and “junkies�. Marty and Nancy from AnySoldier were the back bone of the event. The Horn family was in full force for the event and looking great! It was great to sit down, listen to folks and hear their reasons why they supported the troops. Share funny stories about the melting of chocolate Easter bunnies, and how some joker out there would send me an occasional box of half eaten Twinkies, dog chew toys and the like…..(Im still looking for that guy). Being in NY there was one attraction that I had to see while being there. Ground Zero. We went the next day via the train (the only way to go) and then the subway to “downtown�. Arriving there was surreal. Although time has passed the anger was still in my gut. Fighting in Afghani & Iraq made it only fit that we see where it all started. They have a picture board of whats to come with the site and progression over the years and shows what will be built on the site. You can see the progression of the “Freedom Towers� here and get real time camera footage. The small church across from Ground Zero holds many artifacts from that day in September and has many stories of what happened that day as well. (great place to see). Following Ground Zero, visiting NY just wouldn’t be the same without going to Time Square in the heart of the city. We plan to attend a New Years bash there some year but not sure when. Its one of those things we would like to do. Following the square, we headed to a couple churches. What a great place of history and beauty. To close out the day we had to visit the Empire State Building. Seeing the view from atop the building is awesome. I couldn’t imagine being there on Sept 11th and witnessing the events unfold from that close up seat. While walking through central NY, a Fire Engine was on its way to a call as I watched it on the corner. I was in uniform and as the truck passed they gave me a wave and I returned it. Kinda of our way of saying thanks to one another. Great guys! We must never forget 9-11!! We were attacked, were were down but now, even today we continue to take the fight to the scumbags who did this to America. I wanted to puke at the Ground Zero site but knew we have delt a severe blow to the enemy and they have done nothing but make America stronger. They are finding that out the hard way! The premire of flight 93 is coming out……..get out and see it. All in the all the AnySoldier cruise was a hit. I feel bad for those that missed but I bet Marty will hold another event next year………Vegas maybe???? SEE MORE PICS FROM THE CRUISE HERE Thank you for all of you that came out. You made a difference for us whiole we were deployed.....and you continue to support us here at home! God Bless and Thank you all! SEMPER FI Capt B WHAT CAN I DO?? OK all you girlie men out there!!! Get of yer butts, walk over to your check books and break it out. Bottom line up front. AnySoldier is a charity organization and hey there brainiacks, they need your finical support. Let your mutt eat mediocre dog food next week, toss your cat out the window, ease up on the beer intake, put in regular unleaded gas and use that money for helping out some serious studs currently deployed and AnySoldier!! Why do they need your donations?? Because without you helping AnySoldier continue to pay their employees, build their website and grow, the warriors deployed wont get things they need. Got a car your going to sell? Donate it through AnySoldier. Got some shopping to do? Check the stores here who support AnySoldier!! Got a large inheritance from that smelly uncle you never liked? Click HERE and see how YOU can make a difference!!! Give until it hurts gents!! CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO ANYSOLDIER.COM!!! COMBAT UPDATE CAMP HABBINYAH, Iraq (April 30, 2006) -- Nearly 1,000 Iraqi Army soldiers graduated boot camp today, beginning the first step toward an integrated army in Al Anbar Province.“The movement of an integrated army in Al Anbar is the only future,� said Col. Larry D. Nicholson, commander of Regimental Combat Team 5, based in Fallujah. “When people look out their window and see the army, they need to be able to say, ‘It’s my army.’ Today, we took a very positive step in that direction.�A total of 973 Iraqi soldiers graduated a nearly five-week training regimen that turned civilians into uniformed Iraqi soldiers. They were recruited from across Al Anbar Province, with 813 coming from Fallujah.“That’s a very positive sign,� Nicholson said. “When I left here in March ’05, local authorities refused to recruit for a national army. They wanted a Sunni army. This is a huge sign for significant change.�
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