FROM THE LEFTIST MEDIA The Presidents ratings were noted to be down 39 percent this week as noted in the USA/Today Gallup Poll, “The lowest of his presidency and a warning sign for Republicans in the November elections.� The poll of just over 1,000 people resulted in the numbers due to a few pillar topics. Iraq, Gas prices, Immigration and Medicare. But looking at the first, Iraq what has really affected the president’s future from Iraq? Beginning Sept 11th you had America being attacked. Taking action in Afghanistan then Iraq (yes, Iraq is related to the war on terror for those non believers still being stubborn) the president squashed the once developed Taliban and terrorists networks through the region. But looking at the first pillar, Iraq hasn’t hurt the President! Im afraid those Americans that took part in the one sided USA Today poll aren’t getting the full story. As of March 2003 in Iraq the American initiative, power and dollar has developed 11,600 construction efforts, 9,340, 9.3 Billion dollar completed projects, added over 1,400 mega watts of power to areas that have never had electricity, ALL children inoculated from serious deadly disease that were dieing in the past from and 47,000 teachers added to their education structure. Now overall attacks & fighting in the entire region dropping 51 percent in the last three months because the Iraqi services are now standing up and taking charge of their democratic Iraq. A recent example of this is Operation Lion Hunt. “The operation was conceived as part pre-emptive strike against insurgents, part public relations campaign and part joint maneuver training with the Iraqi army. Since the operation kicked off April 30, insurgent attacks in the city have dropped markedly.� In addition to the vast improvements throughout Iraq, fighting dropping, insurgency on the run and operating on thin management, US troops numbers have been gradually decreasing in the region and will be reduced by 20,000 – 25,000 by the end of 2006. We have the Iraqi people working with us instead against us, helping us find scumbags and oh yea has everyone forgot about the whole Iraqi constitution that was formed?? What took the American pioneers 5 years to establish in our own constitution, has taken the Iraqi people to do in two years. But the President is being blamed for this??? So when I read about the Presidents rating (sheesh Give me a break) dropping because of a couple issues, mainly the WAR on terrorism in Iraq (again for those who have forgotten 9-11, these are the bastards who attacked us) it leads me to think that these chosen Americans that took the poll aren’t totally immune to what is going on around them, only they have been persuaded by the press and what they have been told. It would be interesting to see how many of those thousand poll takers have been to Iraq to see the differences………….I bet not one. The press and mainly news papers are in trouble. Both push unbiased reports of agendas on things they really don’t know about. If the American people knew half the facts on the issues in Iraq the insignificant USA/Today poll on the President’s ratings wouldn’t have resulted in 51 percent. The leftist media is trying to drive your thoughts on the President through their facts and polls. They are trying to persuade your thinking for their gains. Going back to Iraq and having imbeds with us and then seeing their stories printed were like day and night of what really happened. Taking what happened and molding it into a political sway for their leftist views. What a joke and you wonder why service members don like embeds. People say well how do we get the truth then? You get it from the guys who are there. They don’t have anything to gain from not telling the truth. The truly sad thing, 68% of those polled actually believe that the US is worse off now than it was before the President took office. Just another smelly cloud from the leftist medial stench of CRAP. Unfortunately, many with bare bones education are too ignorant to really how good they’ve got it here in America and how the President has gotten us here. I know if you asked an Iraqi he would tell you that his life has changed because of the President and frankly he would tell us we in America don’t have it to bad either.

Time for a cigar, the leftist stench is growing again……………………….. Semper Fi & Support our troops! Capt B

KHANDARI, Iraq -- Iraqi motorists were held up by a line of tan and blue – Marines and Iraqi police – working side by side here recently.Marines with C Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, combined with Iraqi police conducted anti-insurgent patrols in the Khandari Market May 6. The Marines are serving in Iraq with Regimental Combat Team 5.“We are teaching them techniques and procedures on patrolling in the area,� said Gunnery Sgt. Joshua S. Smith, the 31-year-old platoon commander from Oxnard, Calif. “We took baby steps – simple things like snap vehicle check points.�Iraqi police took the lead in the operation by inspecting cars and questioning residents. They provided a general presence in the area to let the people of Khandari know they were there to help. “This was the first combined patrol we have had with the IPs since the battalion moved in to support the U.S. Army,� Smith said.The experience level of the Iraqis ranged from senior policemen to recent graduates from the police academy. Even where experience lacked, though, eagerness filled the gaps. Overall the Iraqi police performed well, Smith said.“It was good to see them in the area,� said Pfc. Nick Ransom, a 22-year-old infantryman from Long Beach, Calif. “It really looks like they are moving forward.�The company’s Marines were impressed to see Iraqi initiative. Once the day’s plan of attack was laid out, Iraqis in blue moved into position to start the checkpoint. They wasted no time getting ready to stay for the long haul.“They had furniture set out,� Ransom said. “That’s when it actually donned on me they are going to do what we do.�The people of Khandari expressed an interest in seeing their Iraqi police in the area. People came out of their homes and businesses to greet the policemen and to seemingly show support.“It is good to see our police keeping our towns safe,� said one resident.Iraqi police greeted the residents with the same concern. They expressed interest in the welfare of the community and its residents. “We are your brothers,� said Sgt. Maj. Bassam Izware Garede, the Iraqi police commissioner for the Khandari area. “We have come to help.� “Most of the people we talked to today were pleased to see the IPs working with the Coalition Forces,� Smith said.That’s a drastic change from what Marines found when they first arrived to assist Army forces less than two months ago. Then, insurgents maintained a tight grip of fear on the small city.The Khandari Market was notorious for insurgent activities. The battalion faced strong opposition initially in the area, but has seen a marked improvement in the past few weeks. It’s the result of not just Marine efforts, but also because of stepped up Iraqi police operations.The Iraqi police performed well and reached every objective set for the day.“We had great success today,� Smith said. “All of our goals were accomplished.�“I hope the feelings of the people will change once they see their countrymen stepping up to make their country safe,� said Pfc. Christopher A. Jackson, a 24-year-old infantryman from Paulding, Ohio. “I hope they can create a bond that will eventually allow the Iraqi Army and police to take over the area and do the job.�

FALLUJAH, Iraq (May 7, 2006) -- If anyone was proud to be labeled hard-headed, it’s Pfc. Fred M. Linck. The 19-year-old from Westbrook, Conn., took an enemy shot to the head and walked away with little more than a sore noggin and a white bandage.Linck of 1st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 5, was struck by a single enemy bullet May 5. “It seemed like just another day in the city of Fallujah,� Linck said, an infantryman assigned to C Company. “But everything changed for me that day.�The young Marine just got off of a security post and was tasked to be part of a reaction force. The force was gearing up to respond to a call for help in the city. “We got some intelligence stating that there was a possible improvised explosive device on the corner of the main street in Fallujah,� Linck said. “My team of Marines reacted to the call and showed up to the site. We immediately dismounted our vehicles and set up a cordon of the area.�Some of the other men in the team didn’t want to believe that it was a normal mission for them, in fact they had planned on it being much more than that.“Something told me that this was going to be a set up, a pretty usual tactic for the insurgents to use against us,� said Lance Cpl. Randon O. Hogen, a fellow infantrymen and member of Linck’s fire team.Hogen’s gut instincts were right. Somewhere in the shadows of the concrete buildings, an insurgent was waiting for the Marines to come into his view. “I was running back across the street after we had confirmed that the IED we responded to was in fact not one, when I heard the shot,� said Lance Cpl . Kelvin J. Grisales, fire team leader and friend of Linck. A single shot cracked through the air. Everyone jolted and not even Linck, who was hit, knew what happened.“After the shot rang out, I remember hearing someone screaming ‘Man down, Man down,� Linck said. “I realized a second later that man was me, I was on the ground.�It took a couple seconds for everything to appear clear to Linck. The sounds of Marines calling for help weren’t for anyone but him, but he was ready to get up and fight. “I was pretty scared when I realized that I had just taken a round to the head, but the scariest part was that I was thinking about it and I felt fine,� Linck said, who has only served with the battalion for a few months. “It felt as if I had fallen and hit my head, that’s it.�The rest of his team did not know his status. They didn’t take chances and followed their training, evacuating him out of the area.“When we picked him up, he grabbed my hand and told me that he was pretty nervous,� said 22-year-old Grisales, from Hartford, Conn. “All I could do was to try to reassure him that he would be alright, at the same time I was trying to do the same for myself.�Linck was transferred directly from the battlefield to the nearest hospital where he was treated and released without even a stitch in his head.The issued helmet he wore stopped the majority of the round from penetrating. A small piece of fragmentation from the round pierced through the headband inside of the helmet, causing a small laceration on his forehead. “It was such a relief for us when we pulled up to the hospital and we found out that he was okay,� Grisales said.“I thank God that it happened the way that it did,� Hogen added.Linck doesn’t discount Divine intervention or luck, but trusts his gear more now than ever. “I know for sure that if it wasn’t for that helmet, I wouldn’t be standing here right now,� Linck said. “It pays to wear all the gear the way it is supposed to be worn.�“It is one thing to hear about what our gear is capable of, but this just makes it a reality,� Hogen said. “It did exactly what it was supposed to do.�Linck’s since returned to duty with a new outlook on life.“It is kind of like a second lease of life,� he said. “I want to make sure I do everything right.�

Sorry mate, but you and your rightist, hard-headed, bigoted, warped, brain-washed, military-think-we-know-everything-we're-soldiers-make our-country-proud-when,you're just following the politicians-mentality, are completely contemptible. You military sorts are all the same. Stop shooting guns, get off your high-horse, and open your eyes to reality; you're sub-human.
Great work. You are a a reason why America is still a nation of strength, character, and integrity.

The liberals are doing all they can to erode our nations borders and make this a communist nation that serves as a wiping matt for foreigners but people like you stand at the gate.

Take for instance this liberal Michael Moore clone who posted ahead of me. There is no understanding in these left-wing nutjobs who want America as a pawn for the United Nations and the globalist movement.

I am a National Disaster Relief worker for the Red Cross and love my Country and support our soldiers and this Country.

Keep up the good work and keep writing the truth.

-another sub human


"If the conservatives were not in the way, liberals would sue the liberals to death. If we were a nation of all conservatives, it would be like paradise."
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