MISSING WITHOUT ACTION One week back in the states. My hair began to grow out, I wore green camies instead of tan and I continued to get back to the civilized way of life. Not dropping “F� bombs at everything, not getting shelled as I sat in the head for about 45 for no real reason, getting use to driving again, other people and the many many colors and things to look at. The Mrs and I decided to “Get away� and head to a small Island called St Lucia. Sandals Resort has three properties there. For around $5,000 you get a nice trip for two all inclusive. Flying through Barbados you jump on a smaller plane to land at even the smaller run way. Clean beaches and plenty of stoags and free chow you begin to relax and relax I did. No email, blog phones notta, just disappeared. Surprisingly, not many people knew or said anything regarding military as I wore a hat most of the time with my stoag of course. This place is for couples only and I highly recommend it for you guys out there in the dog house. Waking up to the surf vise the shells and eating breakfast on the beach was a sure delight. Never needing to look far for a cold drink with their 12 bars and almost as many restaurants we had a nice time. Its not a spring break drunk fest as many cruise ships dock on the other side of the island. I met with many non Americans, British, French, Canucks and even Americans the same. Few mentioned the military, Iraq or anything regarding and when they did, I could have described things to them all day and I wouldn’t have done any justice to the events I had been through the past 2 years in Afghanistan and Iraq. We just had to get away. I haven’t taken a day off in the past 3-4 years and hell I forgot what it was like. So the hot sun, clear water and friendly atmosphere was very healing. I did meet a young couple and after kicking his butt in Texas hold em, he disclosed his sorrow for his brother who was killed in Iraq (Army). Coincidently, in Ramadi. Hell I was probably in the area when it happened. He wasn’t bitter and was proud that his burial was done right. I was glad for that as sometimes things can get ugly. I felt like I owed the guy something but what?? Things have been pretty smooth back here. No Post Traumatic Stress or Jumpiness although some things still “get� my attention. I am so very grateful even after seeing the poverty on near by islands near St Lucia, how lucky we are as Americans. Seeing things here after being gone so long is sobering. We are so very lucky and if you are taking them for granted as I did before deploying you need to kick yourself in the ass and refresh your memory. Oddly, the only person that said thanks for� Iraq� was a security lady in Barbados when she saw on my ID that I was a Marine. They know about Marines (Grenada) and appreciate us. In a way I thought there would be more “Thank yous�, etc, etc but really there wasn’t. I wasn’t looking for that but the one thing any service member wants is a “Thank you�. By the way the comments on my “Im Home� post blew me away and served as one of the best returns presents I could ask for! Now with every day and changes it looks like I may be moving to the Washington DC areqa with a new job. Doing two campaigns back to back they are telling me to chill out awhile and move to a job outside of infantry to teach others. More on that later. There is one thing you all need to remember. NONE of this would be possible if it weren’t for AnySoldier! You need to continue to help deployed service members and AnySoldier. If you send things to service members perhaps take a break and make a donation to AnySoldier.com. Without your support they cant help us. Without their help we are truly on our own!! Friends, Supporters, and Support Junkies In 2½ years AnySoldier.com has had over 5 million visitors and almost 75 million hits. Through us you have supported over 15,000 contacts who have helped about 430,000 troops. Well done! But, now this web site needs YOUR help.We don't charge for addresses, we operate strictly on a donation basis.Donations have been far below what is needed for AnySoldier.com to continue.Without the needed donations this web site stops. Soon. Ways you can help: 1. DONATE using a credit card or mail. Click HERE.(Suggestion: See if your employer will do a matching donation!)2. Shop online HERE.3. Donate that vehicle you don't use or get your neighbor to HERE.4. Live in Texas or Louisiana? Shop at Kroger. Click HERE .5. Buy some of our cool stuff HERE.6. Join us on the cruise! See THIS .7. Contact folks you know and get them involved. Thank you!! Capt B Sends.................(from back in the States)
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