THE GOOD, BAD AND THE UGLY (pic of Capt B, Marty from AnySoldier and “Taco� from Sandgram) The first annual MilBlog convention is over. What a pleasure it was to meet everyone and put a face to a name. Thank you all that got to attend for those that couldn’t you got to come out next year! I departed for the convention at 1400 (2pm) on sunnyfriday afternoon which would put me in the Walter Reed area in plenty of time to go bash some pinkos! Entering Va, the sky’s opened up and everyone decided to get on their cell phones and drive 45 mph in front of me. So if you were on I-95 around then, I was they guy shouting at you to move it or loose it sister!!! Arrghh!! By the time I got in to the area it was 2000 (8pm) and I headed over to Mr & “Ma Bells� (Taco’s mom & dads house) where I stayed for the weekend. What great folks, great hospitality and care. Thanks again guys!! We went out the night before to meet everyone at “Frans O’Briens� and share some story’s. It was a great time for all to meet and recognize our like minds. The next day, we headed for the convention while yes, it continued to rain. The conference was divided up into the three panels where all of the panelist spoke and shared their experiences and techniques. Lunch was sponsored by Military.com which provided great chow and educated us on the improvements of their site and where its headed. A very professional event through and through put on by “Andi� and served great for the first event. An overview of the conference was that the “word� wasn’t getting out to the American people and Milblogs and Blogs in general filled that gap and continued to overflow and may take over the entire information requirement one day. In general the information flow that blogs fill is described by me in three ways. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. The Good What we are seeing today and what’s to come in the future. Technology continues to expand and in conjunction with that so will blogs and ways people need to get the information. Giving accurate information from a source is worth its weight in gold. A good rule for any blogger is to stay in your box. Talk about what you know and talk about it well. That’s a solid guide for any blogger, novice or experienced. You can help the machine grow by educating friends and people you care about so they too can know the truth. How tuff is to send a friend a link in an email?? In the future, we will see Podcasts, live feeds and instant information which will require the media sources to rise to the competition or be left behind. Currently, they are slipping in my opinion and will be left behind as a new era of information sources appear. The Bad Inaccurate information or no information at all. Look back 10 years where email and the internet was an infant and where its at today. What will it be like in another 10 years? Letters from soldiers and infrequent phone calls as recent as Desert Storm help demonstrate the strives that have been built from bloggers and other sources. In the past, “other sources� have told the story and haven’t done a respectable job in doing it or told the story with their spin on it. This is why blogs can be so powerful. The Ugly Summed up, the media. Many “sources� take a basic topic, read into it, add their two cents then fire hose it out to the masses. The worse part is that everyone listens and believes it for gospel. Hello sanity check, here come blogs in your face. Some say I want the info from the Government. OK, that could be done but then all those bed wetter’s out there would scream like little girls because “it would be tainted� by the Government in their favor. Then you have some say they want info from the “only� source, the current media stations. Holy bat shit! Yea great idea. That would work if we fired most of the current media freaks and replaced them with bloggers WHO get the info they talk about from the source (usually themselves) who are making the news. Do bloggers put their spin on what they write about? Yip, they do but they are also human and keep things original and don’t get paid for persuading the public in one way or another. Bloggers don’t tell a story about Iraqi’s in Ramadi rioting then show footage of Iraqi’s in Baghdad running around and selling it as Iraqi’s rioting. What would they gain by doing that?? From the conference, blogs have become a sanity check, a source of information, entertainment and even therapy for some. If you can take a Milblog, generate support for service members and increase the education of the average joe about what really is going on with the warrior, family member or average joe…………then I say blog away until your fingers bleed, then tape them and blog some more………….within your box. One Marine’s View is adapting. I say adapting because Im not in Iraq anymore and we Maries always adapt and overcome. So a few additions that you will see on the site in the near future in conjunction with posts, in no particular order are below: WHAT ARE THE BAD GUYS SAYING? Here I will get you the info on what the bad guys are saying about a topic. How they perceive things and how they use the information COMBAT UPDATES If you have been to the site before you’ve probably seen these at the end of the posts informing you of what the hell is really going on the battle field. WHAT CAN I DO?? In the past Ive been reluctant to post donation, charity etc events. I truly felt if I did one then I should do all. So in the future when you see this title you can expect some information on something where someone needs your help. Come on folks, give til it hurts……….or enlist and go to Iraq, your choice! Last but not least…… HERO’S CALL Here I will bring the attention to a warrior, citizen, American that has done the good deed and perhaps paid the ultimate price. Its not a mourners board but a place where you can find out about warriors like Sergeant First Class Smith (Fist Medal of Honor recipient of the Iraq war)………this will be good! While I drove back another 6 hours today………in the rain today I thought about the conference and where we are today and where we are headed. The center of it all is you. You, me everyone needs the truth and as much info as possible to support, affect and to make a difference. If you want sit aside and let others tell you what’s going on around you then don’t bitch when you don’t get the real deal. You can make a difference! Returning to base, Capt B sends “Semper Fi�
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