THE NEWS ILLUSION AROUND THE WARRIOR We travel a lot around the country of Iraq we we see alot of great things being done by the Coalition & Iraqi forces. Im sorry, but to hear nothing but how the VP shot a fellow hunter, a four legged show mutt bailed at the air port and has ran away, or any other sorry filler for “news� is a dang disgrace. Lets talk about the recent news articles regarding operations of the coalition forces, or how about the latest school openings in Iraq or better yet about how many Iraqi civilians didn’t get blown up because we foiled numerous SVBIED attacks because of the continuous aggressiveness of coalition and Iraqi forces. But oh we cant because those arnt in the news. In fact I haven’t seen anything in the news regarding Iraq for almost two weeks now. Yes, you have the “cartoon� affect that the MSM tries to spread all over like a bad rash but look out - - - This is a No Shit News Breaking Story- - - It’s not a big deal IN Iraq!!!! Nope, their isn’t any burning, rioting etc etc. Are their demonstrations? Very limited and hold on to your seat cape crusaders, they’re peaceful!!!!! Yip that’s right BUT they don’t talk about those do they??? The MSM are too busy evaluating the VP and his hunting accident so much they are missing what THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT. I SEE THAT AS A MAJOR FAILURE. In fact a failure in their responsibilities as a news agency and a failure of their leadership! Iran? Nukes? Ladies & Gents, don’t pull the fire alarm over Iran please. They are simply bowing up. We have them under control. Don’t be distracted as the news rolls “Nuclear Standoff� on their screen. Hell, you would think there is another Cuban missile crisis on the brink. Desperate? The news is so desperate they no have gone and began running “new� 2 year old pictures of Abu Gurab prison. Oh for the love of god move on!! We have and or will punish those idiots who did wrong. That’s a good barometer America of how desperate and incompetent the news agency is for actual news! BTW, I just came back from Baghdad and tried to find some reporters “reporting�, going on convoys ANYTHING. None were to be found. You do the math. How about all the reporting about the reporter and camera man Martha Raddatz and Bob Woodruff??? I couldn’t believe all the shows and updates on these two. Tragic? Yip, but hello your going into a war zone, your making a shit ton more money than me and you’ve been warned repeatedly. Haji wants to kill you and he doesn’t care that you carry a microphone or camera. The truth? WHY isn’t there the same coverage on EVERY single Soldier & Marine getting injured by the same weapon? If they are going to do it for one guy than ya got to do it for all. Is it because the reporters are special? Famous? BETTER?? You do the math America. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck HEELO it’s a freaking DUCK! Your Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen are kicking major butt here still! The fighting hasn’t lessoned. The obstacles haven’t gone away. We are making ground with the implication of the Iraqi Army and to have a force that doesn’t sign a contract to serve for a determined amount of time but simply has men who are tired of the insurgency and have had enough to fight back come and volunteer to fight. Every day the Iraqi Army becomes stronger and stronger and the insurgents become weaker and weaker. The Iraqi citizens as well are becoming stronger as they to have increased their information process to the Coalition forces to rat out bad guys. It’s a good sign that although the Iraqi people want us out they will help us in the process. Iraqi service members helping wounded coalition and vise versa. The team has developed nicely and soon it will be time for the Iraqi Army to take things on themselves and Coalition forces to reinforce them and back off. We are still busy and we have a lot to still do although some warriors may leave here. They job isn’t over and the Fat Lady hasn’t arrived at the theater yet so we keep full throttle and keep on keeping on until she sings. Then we will do the high five and let those fresh ones come in to advance the ball even further in Iraq and Afghanistan and continue the fight. Through the past 8 mos in Afghanistan and a year in Iraq, the biggest down fall without a doubt hasn’t been the service members completing the mission or a lack in body armor, tanks or battle equipment, its been the media support back in the states. Without fail the media has done its best to downplay the elections, create doubt and instability. Sure they covered the battle of Fallujah but that was easy for them. Now, when the rubber meets the road, where are they? Where are the stories? I there are othe very important things happening in the world that should be reported on to inform America, Instead they are busy reporting about show dogs escaping!!! Time for a Cee GAR! Capt B Semper Fi
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