I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN So, Im in my sleep coma and life is good. Then the alarm clock from hell part two sounds off at 0130 Monday morning. The Super Bowl pre game is starting and I asked myself, self why am I getting up?? The Cowboys aren’t playing, the Broncos aren’t playing (the two greatest teams that exist-in that order I might add) so why get up? Knowing I could watch the game and enjoy a cold haji Pepsi and cigar was a good enough excuse to get up and check it out. Detroit or also pronounced Detwa, The land of the automobile, Motor City, Motown with its 900,198 residents. What a place to have a Super Bowl and what a great theme for the Super Bowl. But as I watched the beginning I waited and anticipated the National Anthem. I still get chills when it is sung and so I tend to enjoy that part of the Super Bowl or any other major event that showcases the anthem. As it approached, the crowed and millions of viewers were informed of the Katrina victims etc as they were recognized on the the jumbo tron screen. Understandably. The Marine Corps Color Guard was introduced and I thought ok here we go fellas, get some. Then I blinked and that was all I saw of them. OK no big deal they will do good Im sure and Aaron Neville & Aretha Franklin began to let er rip. They sang it and seeing them made me feel even older than before…….and seeing The Stones at half time really made me feel old…………..but not as old as them (No offense Mick). But wait a second the anthem ended and as I got to enjoy a great commercial that followed from the US Army about Hummer safety, I thought WTF??? No mention of the hundreds of thousands of service members deployed kicking holy bat shit out of guys that want to chop the heads off of reporters and anyone else that looks like a westerner?? The discipline safety commercials ended (joy) and the sports announcers did mention “We would like to welcome all of the service members watching on the Armed Forces Radio and Television Stations (aka A-Farts…..don’t get me started) across the oceans and on board ships and foreign land joining us today�. You’ve got to be shitting me? OK, it’s the Super Bowl, its not about us, its about football and we know that but for the love of god throw us a bone, will ya?? Lets take a quick look back at Super Bowl XXV when Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem. Remember that one? That one was shit hot! The crowed had the “Support Our Troops� signs in the crowed and the halftime show at least had an American flag in it. But now with hundred of thousands of troops deployed keeping the wolf at bay, squashing the insurgency and freeing and establishing democracy in two country’s you would have thought you would see a couple seconds of the usual shot of troops deployed warriors watching the game in shitville or something, right??? Nope. Did you even know they had a jet fly by the stadium?? Although a covered stadium they did a fly by at the end of the National Anthem. Didn’t get to see that one either. What happened? What did we change? Why have we changed? We still need your support like we did back in Super Bowl XXV. I understand there was suppose to be a scheduled “Service member Acknowledgement� commercial shown, (ohhh lets not go crazy now and run a commercial supporting the troops ohh we might make some one mad…..) but since I didn’t get to see the commercials I don’t know if it was shown or not. BUT I have to give it to AFARTS as they showed families saying thanks and come home soon taped messages on our commercials and political leaders thanking us for our service. Cool. With the 133.7 million viewers and it being one of the 10 most-watched programs in TV history why wouldn’t you want to run a “That a boy� for your fellow warriors out getting some?? Money?? Na, the government sponsors www.Americasupportsyou.com and they could have made crazy support by running a spot but didn’t. They’re were even wounded veterans in the crowed, did they get a pat on the back or recognition! So I ask WTF over? Is it because there wasn’t any negative news?? Maybe if hundreds of Marines were killed or lost comparable to the losses of Katrina we would have gotten some recognition? If that’s what it takes I never want recognition. Monday morning Fox news did show some Army Joes watching the game in Baghdad just after they did the follow up story on that pinko punk ass from the LA Times that says we shouldn’t recognize the service members for what they are doing. Maybe he was on the Super Bowl committee?? I don’t have to tell you gang that if it weren’t for that 18 year old out on patrol while many over paid fat butts were watching the game in the big dollar press boxes, they would have been complaining big time about security searches and everything else that would have been installed because of the threat at the game. But they didn’t moan about cavity searches because it didn’t happen because Haji is on the run from that pissed off 18 year old and not worried about melting a stadium down and killing thousands. I think that deserves a “that a boy� at least, especially since it’s his third freaking tour over here. I don’t know maybe Im off the mark here and have had too many close calls with explosives and two pots of coffee to many, but my gut call is this could have been done a lot better, especially if the Cowboys were playing. Now I know why I woke up to watch the game, its because down deep I knew this was going to happen and I guess I just thought I might be wrong. Has the media convinced you that what we are doing is wrong or not significant since Marines arnt dying at the cyclic rate? No big deal, its come and gone and we continue to carry out operations against these scum bags and open cans of whoop ass on them, regardless of what was shown during the Super Bowl, its our job and we are glad to do it regardless of the “Thanks�. We wish you could have seen some of the real Super Bowl out here, or at least let that 18 year old Marine watching the game and all the other Americans out there know you were thinking about him, but the Super Bowl didn’t run that play. With or without Super Bowl recognition, SEMPER FIDELIS Capt B “Keep attacking, we are� COMBAT UPDATE (Press Release) Approximately 250 Iraqi Police candidates left Al Anbar last night to begin their 10-week police training course. Approximately 100 were recruited from the provincial capital of Ar Ramadi. This is the second group of Iraqi police recruits to volunteer and ship out for training in the last three weeks. The previous group of candidates left Ramadi for the Baghdad Police Academy on Jan. 12. Ninety candidates are from the western Iraqi city of Husaybah and the remaining 60 are from Fallujah. After graduating from the training, the police officers will return to Al Anbar and assume their policing duties. On Jan. 5 a suicide bomber attacked a police recruitment center in Ramadi killing approximately 30 and wounding many more. Four insurgents were killed after they opened fire on an Iraqi Army and U.S. Marine patrol operating along the Euphrates River south of Hit yesterday. The combined patrol was conducting a cache sweep when the insurgents attacked with small arms fire. Iraqi soldiers and U.S. patrol returned fire killing four insurgents and detaining three others for questioning. In addition to their weapons, one killed was found to be wearing a suicide vest of the bodies of the attackers. Operation Cart Aldachan (Smokewagon) began Feb. 2 and is a 2nd Brigade, 7th Iraqi Army Division and 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) operation along the Euphrates in the vicinity of Hit. No Iraqi Army or U.S casualties were sustained during the raid.
You are right on Capt. B! God bless you guys -- you're the reason we're here. Please pass my appreciation on to your pals, would ya?
Capt.B I,too, thought something was missing while watching the Super Bowl. But don't let the media's lack of recognition make you think that we at home have forgotten y'all! There are plenty of us back here who keep you in our daily thoughts and prayers,and who are eternally grateful to all of you for your service to our country!
Thank You!!!
I asked MacGyver the same thing - where the hell was the recognition...or at least an acknowledgement. God knows you all deserve it!

Know we're praying for you and support you!

- hfs

BTW - I KNEW there was a reason I liked you - you're a Broncos fan!
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