ACE IN THE HOLE Have you ever had to do something that was complex, crazy but required. Something that if it went astray the domino affect would be catastrophic? When you experience these type of events and you are hit with a size 12 shoe from Murphy (Murphy’s law) you had better have a plan B set up. Well My plan B was shot to hell and we were loosing altitude and airspeed quick as we were headed towards a very bad area. To say shit was hitting the fan is an understatement. Everyone going 50,000 directions and dealing with one of those events where if you forget the smallest detail you would be swallowing a big spoon of trouble. This is the perfect time for your one “Ace in the hole� to shine. You know the guy that gives you what you need just as you go to ask for it. The guy that comes up with a nice cold glass of ice water in hell. That’s this guy. I know one of “those� guys. He’s worth his weight in gold and he is hard to replace. Were not talking reliable. Were talking how in the hell did you pull that off reliable. This guy could have been Wylie Coyote (Canis latrans,) pulling rocket launchers out of the ACME box as he always comes up with what he needs just in the right time. Although he has a lot better luck than Wylie with his results. This guy doesn’t work for me here but that’s all the better. Here in Iraq, it’s the land of “hook ups� and this guy is the man for hook ups. He tells me you can get anything in Iraq, you just have to know where to find it. Nothing criminal of course, as we don’t keep what we are borrowing. Its just that back in the states if you need something you go to the store if you don’t already have it and get one. Here, if you didn’t bring it in your pack, you got to go a searching and bargaining and that is time demanding and time is our worse enemy sometimes. Its almost a game and a challenge for him because we hit him with some crazy stuff sometimes and during those “tuff requests� we will get the response of, “I’ll get you one, it might take be a couple hours but I’ll get you one� We are currently looking into cloning this guy and I must say we have a good start. The coffee can has a solid buck twenty five in the coffee mess. “So your saying there’s a chance�……... We were almost successful last time, we went to clone him but we didn’t tell him we were doing it and his pockets were full metallic stuff and everything got cloned but him………..minor set back…don’t stare at the lump on the side of his neck if you see him…..the machine kicks out some serious radioactive material. The best is when you need “X� and you need it in an hour. You make your usual calls and then after you can’t find one you “make the call�. Its like out of a movies, “Mr President, its time to make the call�. By combining ingenuity thinking, time management and savvyness this guy can be a deadly weapon in this area. I guess this guy gets his creativity from being part Marine, Canis latrans, magician, MacGyver, part server. He just won’t be beat and takes on the challenge to help. Wanting to help and giving a crap to get off his butt to do it is what sets this “go to� guy aside from others. He also doesn’t let distraction get in his way “keep the drama for your mama!!! This guys resume could read like the intro from the A team. In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped the maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles Underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-team. Are their guys out there like this that you know? Semper Fi Capt B COMBAT UPDATE Press release-Approximately 1,000 Iraqi soldiers from 3rd Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division assigned to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team (28th Infantry Division) completed Operation Al Dharba Al Nihaa’ya (Final Strike) in the Jazerra area northwest of Habbaniyah, 75 km west of Baghdad yesterday. The eastern Jazerra is a known insurgent staging area for attacks against Iraqi citizens, Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition Forces. Operation Final Strike is a counter insurgency operation aimed at neutralizing the insurgency activity and providing a secure area for the citizens of the Jazerra. The Iraqi soldiers discovered an improvised explosive device and a small weapons cache during the course of the daylong operation.Third Brigade controls their own battle space within the 2nd BCT’s area of operation. Since the end of August, 3rd Brigade has been conducting independent counter insurgency operations in this area. The morale of the Iraqi Soldiers of this brigade is very high; the work that they are doing shows their ability to properly execute missions. The Iraqi Army is earning the trust of the Iraqi citizens by protecting them from the insurgents and their terrorist operations,� said 3rd Brigade Commander, General Abdul Amir. Third Brigade is composed of three Iraqi Army battalions, a commando company and the brigade headquarters unit.
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