SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS SUPPORT YOUR PRESIDENT It’s a nice day today a bit brisk but nice after I have my Pop Tart and Cigar breakfast I read about how some article is boasting about how the support for President Bush and the fight in Iraq is dropping from troops. This is a pretty good article……………..a good article to poop ON! Give me a break, the democrat that wrote this article that based it off a Military Times Poll is another example how desperate the Dumboscabs are and how weak their attempts are to bruise the Boss. The article even disproves itself when it states, the survey was conducted through the mail, which affects the sample and margin of error. (Obviously they have never shipped anything to support the troops overseas) “Moreover, as the Military Times noted, respondents to the poll tend to be "older, more experienced, more likely to be officers and more career-oriented than the military population." For all those future article writers out there, know that there are almost three times the amount of enlisted service members in all branches than officers, you do the math. Another point, they are saying troops back in the states are stating that “The poll also found diminished optimism that U.S. goals in Iraq can be accomplished’ Well another note to future article writers………..get your facts from the ones doing the work on the ground, actually seeing the results…….bright one! If you’re going to say we support the troops but not the war, Don’t do it! If your going to say the war is going to hell in a handbag and quote people that aren’t there fighting,,,,Don’t do it. If you’re going to blab an article out there without getting accurate facts and give us your two cents, Don’t do it! The only facts this article has to back its gargle up is more BS from CNN……..don’t get me started on them. (good choice on facts base……not) Lets just pretend this article is remotely accurate, then why has the Marine Corps retention personnel goals been exceeded and continuously met, recruitment goals met (destroyed) and promotion throughout the ranks at a all time high? Or how about where the article states that our goals cant be achieved here in Iraq? Well, numerous insurgent terrorists killed in combat fights, destroyed approximately hundred of thousands mortar rounds, thousands of grenades, rockets, mines, and millions small arms (RPGs, AK-47s, machine guns, rifles, pistols etc),increasing Iraqi Army that grew from a platoon to two full divisions of 18,000 plus soldiers. To date, 3 Iraqi Army Brigades and 8 Iraqi Battalions conduct independent operations and control their own battle space. But I know that’s not accomplishing our goal here in Iraq, ohhh yea did we mention that we ultimately made possible the largest Iraqi voter participation in history for the national elections and established democracy??? Achieving our goals?? Sheesh……….I know you tree huggers out there want hurled peas but lets let your infamous Green Peace fight that war, we are fighting a bigger one at the time, get in line. The Military forces fighting here are majority in support of President Bush and without a doubt what we are doing here in Iraq. Are there some that aren’t in support of what the President is doing? Sure, its called a free country and we demonstrate our opinions at the polls. That’s what makes America great. If you look closely you will see where Iraq is heading the same way. The troops are fighting hard here and in Afghani because we believe in what we are doing. You don’t spend a year in another country, get promoted, stay out of trouble and kick butt because you don’t believe in what you’re doing. That’s what your Marines are doing. Your Marines are taking the fight to the insurgents because we want to! We fight hard because we know the American people are behind us. They’re not you say?? Well just go take a look at numerous websites like AnySoldier.com where thousands of service members receive support from twice as many supporters. Ive said it before and I’ll keep saying it, Haji cant beat us here, they cant beat us in the military field. They will try to beat us on the home front though. They will commit their every asset to convince you at home that we are loosing the war on terrorism. A perfect example is the “poll also found diminished optimism that U.S. goals in Iraq can be accomplished� or continuous negative press from stations like CNN. This is where YOU come in and make a huge difference for us. You can dispel negative articles, stories and lies about what you know the troops are doing in the war. Write your newspapers and show them you are watching them and watching for accuracy. Don’t let them drive the news to you, you tell them what you want to hear about. They are supposed to be a public service, and not a piece of paper for catching dog crap. Semper Fi-Keep Attacking! "Hook em Horns" COMBAT REPORT (Press release # 6-004) Despite a suicide bomber attack at 10:55 a.m. on a crowd of Ramadi citizens at an Iraqi police recruitment center near the Ramadi Glass and Ceramics Works, the applicants returned and continued the screening process. Approximately 30 Iraqi males were killed when the bomber detonated his suicide vest. Military physicians immediately began treating the wounded until the injured could be transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment. The four-day Iraqi Police recruitment and screening drive in Ramadi started Jan. 2 and has produced 600 qualified applicants during the first three days of screening.Those candidates selected will attend 10 weeks of Basic Iraqi Police Training in Baghdad before returning to patrol Ramadi’s streets. The applicants must be between the ages of 20 to 35 and successfully complete the screening requirements established by the Minister of the Interior, who governs the Iraqi Police Force.
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