THE MARINE He’s Billy from down the street, your friends kid, your old student. He might have cut your grass you might have watched him as a kid. He left home to the unknown, was taught and tested until he earned the title. He has learned the meaning of Semper Fi. He doesn’t see black, white or brown, just green and we never leave green behind. He became comfortable being miserable and welcomes fear and knows how to deal with it. Sent around the world to do a man’s job and became a man in the process. He puts up with a shit ton of crap, bitches and moans but gets it done and better than most adults. Adapts to change easily like a chameleon and uses flexibility as a foundation. Smart, cunning and loyal. Will listen to what he is afraid to hear and acts on it. Will walk to hell and back with the ones he respects. Razor sharp, smart and shinned. A bit cocky, and mean as hell. Full of fight because that’s all some have. Single, orphaned; only son, outcasted he has joined the Marine family and for some that’s all there is. Proud disciplined, cleans up well and short haired. Keeps his body and mind tuned and improves both constantly. Follows direction even when he is too tired to know why. Proud enough to give his life for others but takes others if he has to. Returns home in the middle of the night, no welcoming bands, no flags, just his fellow Marines and gets ready to start all over the next day. He’s pushed his body to failure then continued and went further. Measures twice and cuts once. He can sleep on a rock, in the mud or out to sea. Walks in the footsteps of warriors past and isn’t afraid to stand and protect the weak. Because of warriors like him we are free. He’s a son, a daddy, an assault man, a tanker, a brother, a daughter. A feeder to the hungry and a killer of evil. He wants to be different and make a difference. He’s the one you didn’t think would amount to much but has become one of the few. He wears his uniform proudly when it’s not popular; he stands watch while others rest. The mention of his name puts the fear of god into his enemy’s hearts. We send fewer men like him to do the work of many and expect greater results in a shorter time. He welcomes the impossible. He thrives on challenge and loves it when they say he can’t do it. Polite but a bit rough around the edges and crude. Smells like oil, grease, dirt and sweat. Likes his team logo on his arm and everywhere else. He does all of this with honor courage and commitment. He’s the kid down the street, the little brother, the new born father, the uncle you met once. He’s the man your mother tells you about in all of the pictures that you would have liked to have met when he was alive. He’s your dad. He volunteered to do all of this for you and me; he’s the best you’ve seen because he’s a US Marine. To all the Marines out there. Thank you & Semper Fi. Capt B, Taking Care of Business (TCB) COMBAT UPDATE FORWARD OPERATING BASE HIT, Iraq – Iraqi Army soldiers and approximately 1,000 Marines, Sailors and Soldiers with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), are conducting counterinsurgency operations in the Al Anbar province. Operation Wadi Aljundi (Koa Canyon) began Jan. 15 in an effort to capture or kill insurgents and to locate and destroy their weapons caches in the Western Euphrates River Valley between the Jubbah/Baghdadi region and the city of Hit. This combined operation involves 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 7th Iraqi Division, and the 22nd MEU’s ground combat element, Battalion Landing Team 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment. The majority of the forces are conducting cordon and knock operations and searching areas of interest for weapons and insurgent activity along the Euphrates River, approximately 80 miles northwest of Baghdad. In addition to the Iraqi Army, Marines are also working with Iraqi Police in the Baghdadi region. More information on the operation will be released as it becomes available. The 22nd MEU (SOC) is operating under the tactical control of the 2nd Marine Division. For more information on the 22nd MEU (SOC) visit www.22meu.usmc.mil.
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