JUST ANOTHER DAY What was your day like? Yea, so was mine…………well, I bet ours was a bit different. I take for granted that you don’t know what our day is like. This is our way of life here and sometimes you think that’s all there is. You back in the states……..your in another world entirely. Here in Iraq you have your routine and you don’t think about the states or at least you try not to. Over the past year here its almost like the states is make believe. In Afghani, it was all mud huts and generator power. Few cars and all the other healthy stuff that comes with a third world country. Bacteria that eats the flesh, things that grow in the dirt I wouldn’t mention at a biker bar and its not if you get sick but just how bad you get sick. HA!! I laugh at you Montezuma’s revenge! You little girlie man virus! Your day may have entailed getting up, going eating breakfast (probably not for what ever reason) hurrying off to work, dealing with delusional idiots on the road who ate one too many stupid pills or are still asleep. Or perhaps you had a special day where your car didn’t operate correctly and the shit storm began there. Once getting to work you put in an honest day (had to listen to that damn big mouth down from you, who you might want to drop kick into a four lane highway) and for you female gender out there he probably has hit on you time again and wont get the hint when you call him Eric Estrada…you say “idiot� as you have mental thoughts of charging a Browning Urban Assault black tint shot gun and aiming in on him….snap out of it woman! You boss is an idiot and you clinch your fists together and say in a mumbled stuttered voice…..give me another report and I’ll, I’ll burn building down…….. An overpriced lunch that some 18 year old threw together for you…….I cant describe where that could go or what is really in it. Back to work to finish up the day to only deal with even more idiots, dodge the bus driver who doesn’t see you or swerve to prevent a side swipe by the driver changing lanes without looking (no more pills idiot! ) . Get home, ponder whats for dinner and try to salvage some family time before you pass out. Man you guys are screwed, Im not coming back, end of post………… Our day or I should say routine is a bit different. Yea I know we are in a war zone. But going back to what you are doing there in the states may be scary as hell. At least here when I hear an explosion, I know its either incoming, outgoing, IED, SVBIED, etc etc. We get up, now in this time of year its still dark and you get moving. Some days you are the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. Sleeping in, forgetaboutit! But wait, before we go any further let me tell you about 0100 when the IEDs went off or the incoming hit and you use to get up and get your business suit on and now your like……uh..oh it was and IED and far enough away and go back to sleep. Days are different out here. Sometimes your off base and Taking Care of Business (TCB) but while your off base the paperwork beast awaits for your return. Yes, there is always a chance of having a rocket come out of no where and turn you into a stain on the wall but hey that’s why we say when it your time its your time. Your aware of it but you don’t let it drive your actions. So no shit there we were……….hehe, the day had been going good. Nice quiet, a time that we are back on base and not out and about. Cleaning up a few things and was able burn a stoag or two……..maybe three as we field day the area (cleaned up). I can hear my mother NOW, those are bad for you………..yes, but so are RPGs!! Everything is freaking GRAND when a launch is heard (rocket launch) and the subsonic flight of the rocket cutting through the air is very distinctive. Its not headed directly for us but it still makes you run for your shelter. Impact is about 200-300 yrds away and it’s a good one. Shortly after the impact our counter battery is all over them dumping “justice� on top of them. Eat that shit birds!!!! A bit later I think then as things cool off, I should go PT and go for a run. Im telling you there must be a Haji appointed to watch me for when I go to the head and tell his buddies to launch the mortars as soon as I go in. I fooled them for awhile with my double………..not! No sooner do I get one foot outa the shower after my run. Crump, Crump……….Crump. I think to myself, those little mother Ffffff (sorry kids) scratches as I hug the shitter floor. Nothing to be excited about as the head floor is pretty nasty. Floor scum or shrapnel, scum or shrapnel…….tuff one. I take the floor scum. Small arms and RPG fire breaks out following the incoming. Well there isn’t that special……they decided to conduct a nice coordinated attack just off base (said in the church lady voice). So I finish toweling off and figure I’ll stay put for a minute as the couple min small arms fight subsides and the facility Im in is bunkered protected. There begins a lull so I figure, ok Im gonna make a run for my hooch. One step outside and just as I do a RPG impacts off base and the small arms begins again (Im so going to get that guy watching me) and as I begin my sprint for the hooch, two small arms rounds are distinctly heard going right over my head. OK, this looks like a good place to seek cover as I duck behind some sand barriers. Ho hum life is grand as all hell breaks loose across the way. One of our guards waved to me from his bunker in full gear. I wave back with a sarcastic “Hello� Smart Ass as he has a big shit eating grin on his face as he watches me do the “oh shit sprint� behind cover. Once things go into a lull I begin my shower shoe shuffle back to my hooch once again I think, man that would suck to buy the farm in the head. REAL great. Tomb stone reads “died in Iraq fighting soap scum� GRAND, Fierce!! The funny thing is that “Taco� was supposed to be here the day this was going down. We would have been looking at each other laughing at each other like little school girls I bet as shit hit the fan. This reminded me of the time about 7-8 months ago when I got back on base late and went for a run at night. It was the summer time and my mother continued to ask me if I had been going to church. I said nope, I don’t like going to gatherings of large amounts of people cause it’s a mortar magnet. I still got a lecture. So as I ran I passed the church with her words in my head. No sooner do I get 100 yrds past it a bad sand storm develops quickly and its hard to see and dark. Then I heard lightening, or I thought but it was yet another rocket attack and guess where it hit? Yip,the church. Bad Haji’s very baaaaaaad. Evenings are usually pretty mellow. Many finish up work around 1900-2000 as almost a way for the time to pass quicker if your busy. Then maybe a nice stoag while the constant prayers wale about, sending their propaganda through the city….Americans are bad……bla bla bla….or ……stay inside so you don’t get hurt during upcoming attacks against the infidels. The summer time it was still in the 90s around 2000 and we would be outside in PT gear but now with an occasional rain and it dropping into the 30’s we be loading up on the snivel gear to hang out at night. However its amazing how pretty the sunsets can be but know on the other end of that there is so much of a lack for life here as well. We work seven days a week with a partial day on Sunday and you may not do anything in the morning but work until the late hours of the night. You’re a Marine 24/7. Here the days are exciting and the nights, if quiet, then they can get exciting. Your days although crazy will get quiet. What was your day like? Yea, so was mine………… Keep Attacking! Semper Fi Capt B....moving towards a CeeGar!
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