WALK TALL AMERICA At 0753 Dec 7th, six Japanese carriers launched 181 of torpedo, bomber planes and fighters towards the island of Oahu. Airfields on the lee ward side of the island were attacked first as the large number of planes which were mistaken by operators of the new device called the radar as a flock of birds and a transport plane scheduled to arrive at that time. The Japanese plans swooped though a cut in the mountains to attack the unsuspected military bases. The fleet anchored in Pearl Harbor was nearly destroyed as miniature submarines initiated the attack within the harbor. Overall twenty-one ships of the US Pacific fleet were destroyed. The attack was the main act that brought the United States into World War II. Like Nov 10th, Sept 11th,Dec 7th is a significant day while here in Iraq. Ive been stationed in Hawaii and have seen the damage still visible from the attacks and perhaps I might have had some relatives that were fighting there. But that’s not why it’s important. It’s important because it is a significant date that all Americans need to remember what happened to America on that day and how we all pulled together to take the fight to evil and win. Like back then, today we still are fighting the enemy although on a different front. If you look back then you would see a hard core dedicated America. All with one voice. Men fighting away from home and women pulling up the slack at home. A day like Dec 7th, sums up what we have been talking about in the past blogs. Remembering our country’s veterans, being thankful, taking the fight to the enemy, remembering those who suffer at home from war, the role of a positive or negative press and how this country has been built on the foundation of God and the country as one. During our entrance into WWII America had all of these working for her and speaking the same language. We aren’t to far off today; but we have some fine tuning to do but America, the greatest country in the world has grown so much since 1941. Although grown we haven’t changed in the years. Americans have always taken on the bad guys face to face, took care of the little guys and lead this world with liberty and freedom as its foundation. We will fight and we will win, bottom line. If you attack America get ready for the biggest can of whoop ass to be opened on your sorry little butt. No, no we haven’t changed America because down deep all of us have what the fighting Americans had in their gut back in 1941, the will to take on and destroy evil. Being in Pearl Harbor, Europe, or NY, Americans take on evil face to face whether its on foreign soil or in our home town. We know the price of fighting evil and we are willing to pay it to defend what we believe in. So walk tall America, not only on Dec 7th but all the time! You are the difference between good and evil and it is fought on many levels and in many locations. Your Marines continue to choke out evil here in Iraq. We will continue to do that because we know, like back in 1941 YOU stand tough, ready and as one against evil in support of us. We are a proud military because we have proud Americans supporting us! Semper Fidelis and May God continue to bless the United States. Capt B
I read your blog instead of the news. You give me a better look at what is really happening. Thank you! Please tell all my Marines that I say thank you and keep up the good work!
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