LEAVE, WE JUST GOT HERE! Pull the troops out? We were loosing? We cant win?? Did these people eat a bowel of frosted dumbass for breakfast? I just got back from seeing Marines, Soldiers and Sailors in bases like Korean Village and Al Asad in western Iraq. These warriors are going strong, fighting hard and full of motivation eager to fight and kill terrorists, taking the fight to the enemy. Why would we even mention pulling out of here until the job is done? It would be like forfeiting a baseball game in the ninth inning and quitting with a two run lead. We are winning this war and for anyone who says different, get your facts together (yea right) and come play ball, Im waiting. For all you “I didn’t get enough attention from daddy when I was young, left wingnuts� out there, we are AT WAR and we defiantly are winning! To be more specific it’s a counter insurgency war. Well, why isn’t it wrapped up and finished then like Desert Storm?? Well my little cup cake it takes approximately 10 years to extinguish a counter insurgency. We began the war on terror hard core about three years ago so by the left wingnut book of all answers, we should have about seven more years to fight this evil regime before its defeated, right? Nope! We have overthrown their insane dictator, stomped a mud hole in the insurgents ass, established a government, restored economics and set the tone for the surrounding country’s that if they don’t play nice, they too can have a Marine Infantry Battalion sitting off their coast just as easy in only three years. Holy haji stain Batman, if we stayed here seven more years I could have a Walmart Super Store chain established and smoking cigars in my downtown Iraqi bar! (don’t steal my idea!) Have we had to pay a price? Hell yes, at the tune of over 200 Heroes since March of 2005 alone.That doesn’t count the battle of Fallujah, OIF 1 or Desert Storm. Are their service members who disagree with what were doing here? Probably. Are their workers where you work who don’t like what they are doing at work or disagree with it? Yes. However, we volunteered and yes, we will go and stomp holy monkey meat out of the insurgency in (Insert country name here). Why? Because we are Americans! Attention, Attention all terrorists world wide if you attack, no think about attacking America, when we find out, you will get one of many things. 1) Get to hear what a 2,000 pound guided missile sounds like vaporizing you and fellow scumbags, 2) The roar of turbine driven tanks driven by very angry people or “Johnny tell us whats behind door number three…..Thats right bob, A close and personal introduction to several thousand short fused, short hair angry Marines! Whoa, decisions, decisions! What my little Haji friend doesn’t understand is that we are committed to fight terrorists and people who want to kill us and destroy our way of life. Whats that you say, America is fed up with terrorists? That’s right, there isn’t anywhere safe for you to run anymore. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want anything to do with you, Iran is trying their best not to get us fired up and in case you didn’t realize everyone else is a weeeee bit smarter to screw with us. Operation Iraqi Freedom is a small example what is in store for terrorist wherever they show themselves. We will not bargain or give in to terrorists, period. They will not threaten my homeland, they can’t change what America is and they will never, ever take America’s freedom. NEVER! You see America there are some that think we should just simply employ sanctions, sing coombiyah,have peace talks and ask terrorists nicely over a cup of tea not to reduce America’s large buildings filled with loved ones in our metropolitan citys to dust. They want you in the states to think that OIF & OEF and the fight on terrorism “ was a mistake� or “The President made a mistake by overthrowing Sadam� or one of my favorites, we are loosing the war……. Hack, snort, chuck vomit! Give me a break! The warriors I saw recently arnt loosing anything. Nor are their leaders all the way to the President. We, like many other Americans still feel the anger and fire in our guts when we saw Americans jumping to their deaths on Sept 11th. You think you can come to my country punch me in the nose and walk of to allah? Silly Haji. Every time we go into the attack we remember 9/11 and the Americans you made suffer. Know, that when you see the Stars and Bars flying free in the wind, we arnt loosing and we are more than ready to go into extra innings! So the next time you here someone state we should pull out, we are loosing or any other crack head statement that wastes perfectly good air, let them know how you feel. Your service members need to know you support them as does your president! Keep Attacking and enjoy a cigar! Capt B COMBAT UPDATE Operation Alkamra Almaner (Moonlight) concluded yesterday evening. Moonlight was the first brigade-level operation conducted by Iraqi Army soldiers in the Al Anbar province. Five Iraqi Army companies from 1st Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division led the operation and were supported by a company of U.S. Marines from Regimental Combat Team-2. The operation netted a weapons cache; additionally, Operation Moonlight demonstrated the Iraqi Army soldiers’ ability to gather intelligence, plan, execute and exercise command and control during a large-scale operation. The Iraqi soldiers, with the Marines following in trace, cleared an area east of Ubaydi along the northern and southern banks of the Euphrates River. The area directly to the west was cleared last month during Operation Steel Curtain. No insurgents were encountered during the operation; however, one Iraqi soldier received minor injuries resulting from a roadside bomb attack. The soldier was treated at the scene and returned to duty. No Iraqi civilian casualties were reported. No air strikes were conducted during the course of the operation.
God Bless you from a grateful American with two children. I cherish my freedom and know that we would not have it without heroes like yourself.
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