GRAY AREA The scumbags on defiantly on their heels, IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and IDF (indirect fire) are picking up. I know what your saying if the bad guys on their heels how come attacks are picking up? Well because we are in their heads and every where else and they are being forced to fight. Much like, fish in a barrel. They can’t turn around without bumping into to an Army “jo� or Marine. What a world! I find Iraq very surreal. Take yesterday for example. The day began as I was awakened at 0400 by the artillery pieces firing 12 sporadic rounds in support of troops in contact and counter artillery. As the day went on I had to PT (physical train) (yes, we stay in shape even in combat) and began just as our mortars opened up and fired 8 rounds right over my head to impact just 300 meters off the base to destroy a few wanna be terrorists. Then just when you have shook your head in disbelief of this place and continue your day a good size gunfight erupts near the base and we call in cobra helos and Harrier jets to do multiple gun runs onto a building with a half dozen terrorists inside who just attacked an observation post and want to meet their virgins. The distinct loud blurb of the 20mm gatlin gun on the nose of the attack helo got everyone’s attention. Ahhh finally time to relax and have a stoag, NOPE small arms and RPG attack on the other side of the base. The smell of explosives in the evening……ahhh almost as good as a stoag!. Many people leave comments (thank you very much by the way) and send emails about what they can send us, what do we need. What do we need? Really? Its more armor right…..nope. Its more troops right?..........nope. Its gotta be the stooper idea of pulling us out of here, right?..........mention that again and someone’s getting hurt, NO. We simply need your support. Think back during past holidays. How many American flags have you seen flying? Cmon think!!!! Oh I know you see the usual holiday decorations and flags at the post office and bank but how about your work place, neighbor’s house or even your house? Im not trying to drive up my stock in American flags but the fact that they arnt that expensive and cost about as much as a lunch at McDonalds why don’t you have one flying??? Well??? By flying your flag you show your support for your warriors past, present and future. The American flag is feared in many places and still stood strong after many of America’s battles to include WWI, the Beirut bombings on the US Embassy, Iwo Jima and at the Pentagon after it was attacked on Sept 11th. It is a powerful symbol that you and your fellow Americans have believed in and died for what it represents. In Afghanistan we did one mission where we flew in and established blocking positions and check points to disrupt, capture and kill insurgents and Al Qaeda forces in the area. When we inserted in Marine Corps CH-53 large Helos, the locals and even former Muj ran into the mountains like a bad reenactment of a Monty Python show. While witnessing this we thought it was because there was enemy in the area and they knew there was a gun fight a coming! But only after talking to some of the local tribesman we found out that they thought we were Russians invading again and were running for their lives. Once we learned this we positioned an American flag over our position and the locals came out of the wood work. Once they saw the American flag they knew things were going to be ok. My old neighbor that lived next to me was from Saudia Arabia (sleeper cell) and had a small flag pole on his porch with a faded torn American flag. Big freaking negative and I tried the typical approach by brining it to their attention that their flag was torn and faded and perhaps they should replace it. Not knowing English I got the normal smile and head nodd from the woman in the Burka. So I bumped it up a notch and being the “friendly� neighbor, I gratefully installed a new stitched beautiful American flag on their pole, saluted it and posted. Thinking they would get the hint. The next day her “husband� took it down and we never saw it again. Hey, it’s a free country and if you don’t want to show your appreciation ok, but to reject the offer and deny the respect of the stars and bars……… I better not hear a single bitch from you on any other topic about this country or you can stand the hell by. The American flag, a simple symbol that says “Land of the free home of the brave�. A representation of what we believe in and a simple way for YOU to show that you support us and the country. What would potential terrorist think if they went past a street with the stars and bars flying on everyone’s porch? You should make your neighbor feel like major donkey crap for NOT having one displayed. Do you remember after Sept 11th how every news paper put a full page as the flag in the following days paper? Why did they stop that?? So here you go Mr Newspaper companies, Im calling you out, you want to talk the talk and have your reporters do so called “support the troops� stories? Well then lets walk the walk, and start printing US Flags in the paper. If not everyday, then how about Fridays OR for my ACLU readers how about every SUNDAY? Yes, I like that every Sunday toss out those worthless crapy advertisements that paperboys all over the world are cussing you out over and replace it with a full page color American flag What, are you skeeered? Afraid of the repercussion?? Well tell your complaining bed wetters to pound sand if they don’t like it or if they think it infringes on their “rights� (see previous Blog entry, window licker if your that slow) and tell them perhaps they should go to either coast and jump really far into the ocean and leave this great country. It’s very simple, you’re either with us or against us, there isn’t any gray area here. Time for a C-Gar! Semper Fidelis from Iraq!
I have decided to allow the general public to puchase my flags directly. This is the first time I have allowed direct pricing. Out of curiosity, I am wondering what people have been writing about this topic on the blogs. That is how I found your post.
union flag 1861
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