THE WRONG STORY The broad Main Steam Media (MSM), mainly news on the internet and some TV last night reported that there were 6 deaths from fighting in Iraq. Can anyone tell me their names, how they died, what state they were from anything besides that they were Marines? Although tragic, because it was a relatively small group surly they could have mentioned any of the above. How much time would that have taken? 5-10 seconds? Its not your fault America, but the MSM………….well. Their very own embedded reporters aren’t even getting the story straight or at least they are now putting their own spin on things (big surprise) From the NY Times: “A New York Times reporter (embedded) traveling with U.S. forces said an explosion occurred as a squad entered a farmhouse in Obeidi, (its called Ubaydi and for all you reporters out there that’s how its spelled, genius) 185 miles northwest of Baghdad (hello, its on the boarder of Iraq and Syria). Insurgents then racked survivors and rescuers with small-arms and grenade fire before other Marines could recover the dead and wounded and kill the attackers, the newspaper said�. (Sounds pretty negative doesn’t it?) What really happened- Marines were moving to clear a booby trapped building, began to defuse the rigged house then were attacked, took, cover took some wounded from small arms. They moved in to get wounded and started getting grenades thrown on them from roof tops. The Marines then maneuvered sprayed the rooftops with small arms killing those who were thronging grenades down on them. Followed by helo’s cleaning up the area. All wounded were recovered and saved. Its tragic that our own (MSM) cant even get the story’s straight even when they are there. That just goes to show how “off mark� they are back in the states about the news let alone at the actual scene. Lets take a look at the basic MSM to see who has even mentioned Iraq or the continuous fighting, http://www.foxnews.com/ (torture BS story, fighting, progress??? Nope nothing) http://www.cnn.com/ (notta a damn thing-“big surprise�) http://www.washingtonpost.com/ (zip) http://www.nytimes.com/ (man charged for job set up. Fighting, reconstruction??? Nothing mentioned) But now lets look a few other news media sources, http://www.aljazeera.com/ (Coverage of the war and how former Presidents are saying Iraq is a huge mistake) http://www.iraqinews.com/business.shtml (almost all about the US military) I only checked two foreign newspapers reporting about current events and what is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq and they have more than our heavy hitter stations (which in case you didn’t know CNN & FOX are owned by Arabs) NOW, Im hearing about the use of “Chemical Weapons� during Fallujah on CNN. FIRST, White Phosphorous is not a chemical weapon. It’s not nuclear nor is it poisonous. IT BURNS (its not napalm). Just like an explosive artillery shell. Its an arty shell which when fired 9 out of 10 uses of it are for marking targets for fast movers (jets). We hit the target with “WP� and then adjust additional weaponry from the large white cloud it makes and allows aircraft to see it. It’s a battle ground and we are going to kill bad guys. Period. The term “Shake and Bake� which the news is using means to shake them with high explosive arty rounds then when they dive into holes to hide or expose themselves, WP hits them. Shakem then bake them. Simple and effective. It has been technique dated back to WWII. Amazing how now some moron woke up and said, all of a sudden “its chemical weapons�! I would love to here what they would have said when the Nazi’s used mustard poisonous gas on GI’s!! Here is an idea. How about these idiots focus on the real poisonous stuff and no shit chemical mortar rounds & IEDs used on Coalition forces? They seem to forget the chemical labs found in Fallujah growing Small Pox and other good stuff didn’t they? How about the Russian CS gas mortar rounds hitting Marines to this date? No, they don’t address that, CNN points to the BAD people killing terrorists in Iraq and tries to paint a villain picture of US Marines kicking ASS!. Here is a newsflash re; “WP� it’s a legal weapon. Perhaps some need a first hand demonstration. The Marines in Husaybah and Ubaydi continue to clear the city elements and already have begun establishing reconstructive facilities in the portions of the city they have gone through. This is possible because we surgically attack and smartly eliminate terrorists without destroying the entire city with “chemical weapons�. Marines around the city of Fallujah continue their operations and maintain control in their area. The tone of fighting in any area can change in a blink of an eye. One second you are patrolling then the next second you are picking yourself up from an exploding IED and begin kicking butt. One example of how fast things can change was when a local convoy got a flat tire and pulled onto the side of the street in the middle of nowhere to change it. You could see for miles as the Soldiers were focused on the tire. Still providing security, a speeding Mercedes came at them down the road which was notified of their pause of movement. The vehicle came under escalation of force measures, signals, flares, and then machinegun fire as it go closer to the convoy. Warning shots hitting the ground, then tires, then engine block and bagan to move to the windshield. The SBVIED car got next to the last Hummer and detonated its multiple artillery shells within the car. So many shells were in the car a few were thrown away from the car and remained unexploded. The explosion destroyed one Hummer and wounded several. Only an engine block and scumbag carnage was left from the SBVIED. Americans play by the rules. Always have, always will. We respect the Geneva Convention and all Rules of War. The enemy, of course does not. They will use what ever means to try kill you and don’t care if they kill their own women and children in the process. The “News� talks about children killed during use of “WP� in Iraq, what about those children killed in the World Trade Centers? One group was told to leave; the other group never saw it coming and was truly murdered. Be smart America, support your leaders, we are winning! Semper Fi!
Just a note of support from a former Army grunt :

I love you guys and pray for your safety continually.

I am also active politically and not just an apathetic couch potato puke. I write, call, e-mail and Fax AND I VOTE !

I ask them for what you need and tell the REMFs to stay out of your business; let you do what needs to be done to win this war !

GOD Bless you and yours.

Capt. L.
OK. City, OK.
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