KEEPING STRONG Challenge, Commitment, Fear, Honor and Accomplishment. You know you have done good this last week and you can carry your head high with a sense of accomplishment. You took on the challenges and did good. Although at times you weren’t sure of what direction to go or what you were going to do next and at the same time friction played a large part in screwing things up all week long for you. Nothing like having your plans go the opposite direction as soon as you step off to do them. Its time to prepare for another busy week ahead with unknowns and worries that lie in wait. Not that you cant handle it but you must keep you eyes on it. You must plan ahead, communicate and be prepared. A slogan that works for more than just Boy Scouts. You know what you’re doing, you have the tools to execute and know where to turn for help if you need to. Identify your friction points and put yourself there at the time it requires for you to be there. You will know when that is. Have a plan “B� and expect for “Murphy’s Law� to step in with a size 12 foot a screw everything up. Remember the six “P’s�, Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Tomorrow brings a new start. Attack it like a Pit Bull and don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Use your down time wisely and use it to prepare for the next two steps ahead and require attention to detail. Time management is a must for you to be efficient and successful. The above isn’t about the warriors here in Iraq, it’s a recommendation for you. You are the target. The enemy is being beaten here in Iraq and Afghanistan and they know they cant beat us and their own comrades are turning against one another. Ones that try to fight us die trying and are disappointed that there are no virgins waiting for them because they all went to America to the Marine base instead! Operation Steel Curtain has put the insurgents in a severe hurt locker and now has begun to wind down. Insurgents love their fighters with in the U.S. Yes that’s right America we have known enemies against the US amongst us. It’s the MSM and their one sided press views, the Cindy Sheehann’s out there, and the “I support the Troops but not the War� drones. They remind me of the locals in Afghanistan. Some Mujahideen are dedicated and cant be convinced of a new life. However, the young adults don’t share that same opinion but they listen and are seeing a new light through democracy. You have to continue to be strong, and hold the ground back in the states. Because of you great Americans, we are able to do what we do so well! We continue to do great things here and we are doing the right things for their future. We don’t want to leave here until it’s done because WE don’t want to come back here if we don’t have to. There will always be right and wrong, right and left. You can try to educate them but like the Muj, most are outdated and stuck in their ways. Look ahead, prepare yourself and support the country and its leaders. We count on you like you count on us here as well and we need you to succeed there at home while we succeed here against the bad guys. Because of you, we are winning, we are making a difference. Time for a Stoag! Semper Fi COMBAT UPDATE The Marines are doing great although IEDs and IDF continue throughout the area as the weapon of choice. All of the Coalition forces are doing great as are the Iraqi forces holding their own in Operation Steel Curtain. Haji is off balance because we have shoved him out of his comfort zone and have disrupted their operations and leaders.
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