RAMADAN Ramadan began on Oct 4th. IDF (Indirect Fire) has been pretty constant around the area as insurgents continue get frisky. There is nothing like sitting outside and hearing the sound of a mortar or rocket launch and then hear it cut the air as it heads in your direction. Nowadays its second nature to get under cover. After months of this place you tend to act second hand to IDF and threats and not crap yourself when you hear machine gun fire close by. Its finally let up some temperature wise. It was unbearable reaching tin the 120s and higher. You would cook in the body armour and hot sun. There were times I thought I saw Elvis run across the street. Now in the mid and low 90s it’s a nice break. If you never have gone to the bathroom in a port a john in the 90-120 weather it can be a religious experience. I have terrible luck in porta poties. Once in Kuwait in the oh my goodness heat of the day I made a head call (go to the bathroom). Well wouldn’t you know it the porta poty guy came to clean it with his power washer. Oh joy. As he began to wash the outside down the vents in the dang thing allowed plenty of water to squirt in. I yelled, “hey freak� Im in here just as another wave came in. Nothing like the taste of crap water and whatever freaking chemicals are in there. It was ALL fun and games until he began to laugh and make quick sprays over the vents. I followed up with “keep laughing Jacko� and How would you like your truck blown up my little friend?� He departed. Paybacks…………. Things go from 0 to 90 in a flash of a second. It doesn’t matter when the insurgents kill you they just want to kill you. Gun fire and mortar attack can go sporadically through the night sometimes. It isn’t out of the ordinary to be awakened by rocket impact near by and some times on base. You have about 7 sec to react to a mortar, as that’s the average flight time around here. If you hear the launch that is. If you don’t hear the launch you may not even hear it approaching. We sat outside on night last month as an RPG launch came our way. It was a distinct sound that approached quickly and went directly over our heads and then nothing. No explosion. It was a dud. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be the last time we would hear that distinct noise.
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