NEXT It was a relatively quiet Sunday as polling stations closed up and ballots were accumulated and workers departed. Late evening numerous fast movers were on station and swarming, as they patrolled the area. Looking back at the elections it is being labeled as a success due to the pre planning of the Coalition & Iraqi forces across the region. Mainly the success is due to pre election operations throwing the scumbags off balance and making them move out of their comfort zone where they planned to disrupt the election process. Early and mid month Ops have proven to be key in the disruption of elections. Once the enemy was disrupted tightening the neuse and protecting the voting areas developed a path of success for the US & Iraqi forces and the elections. Although planning is where things begin, it’s the rifleman on the lines that makes things happen. It’s the young Marine and Soldier who fight the battles and wins, not a plan. They all have done a spectacular job preparing and executing security and combat operations for the election process. Evening prayers continued tonight over the loud speakers around 2100 just as Haji began to get his muj on (muj = getting all confident and brave for attacks) for the night. Distant large explosions were heard a few miles away. Nice big ones….Although past curfew a nearby gunfight begins. It continues for about 3-4 minutes which is like eternity as crackling of AK47s and 556 are intermingled followed by 50 cal machineguns. Quickly, attack helos appear on the scene from nowhere and provide cover for the forces engaged. There is a lull in the gunfight for about five minutes. The machinegun fire starts again and continues for another 3-4 minutes. This is characteristic of Haji hitting and falling back and hitting again. The area is saturated with attack helos rotors thumping as they make sharp turns and are relatively low over the scene providing support. Although one chapter (elections) is over we begin other books simultaneously in our missions here in Iraq. There are plenty of scumbags to deal with and there is never a dull moment so we don’t gloat as we have other missions and plans to turn to and many other events to attend to as our mission continues. Marines, Soldiers, sailors and Airmen will continuously defend our country and travel to far off distant places to make things right and defend freedom. We will go, that’s our job. Some of us have made numerous trips only to return home and prep for another departure. This is expected of the service member, its what we desire to do as a member of our great armed services. However, we will continuously excel with the support of the American people. Scumbags can’t beat us militarily here or in Afghanistan. They will try to deter you great Americans back home. Don’t be fooled. As evidence of the past couple days we “America� are doing great things here. We are taking those great things and making history because our people, like you are behind us. Thank you, and God Bless America!
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