LOVED ONE You are introduced to a new environment. Its surrounding brings fear of the unknown and caution around each corner. You are taking on a new job a new task. The environment is quiet, unknown, and scary. Sadness and worry overflow as you put space between you and your loved ones. You know you have to be strong as everyone is counting on you. Once you get the hang of it you begin to get in a rhythm. You learn everyday and adjust to your new surroundings just as curve balls are thrown at you and fear is ever present. Frustrations, loneliness, sense of accomplishment, happiness and sadness are experienced all in one day. You begin to achieve great things and gain more confidence as time goes on. You can handle challenges brought to you although you have never delt with it before. Your family member is in another country, they are far away. You think about them constantly and wonder what they are doing at that moment on that day. You maintain thoughts of birthday parties, family and the things that are going on and the things that are important to you. Again,you wonder what your loved ones are doing at that moment. Are they safe without you? Do they miss you?. Are they looking at the moon and stars the same time you are? Your dedication builds and is ever present as you complete each day. You know you are doing right and are proud to be apart of something great. Your patriotism overflows as you dedicate apart of your soul to something you believe in, love and support. You make sacrifices, give of yourself and think of others. The time your loved ones are away seems never ending. Is there an end to the deployment? You can’t wait to see your loved one as you have been apart for long time now. You and your buddy’s support each other to get through these times away but it still doesn’t make it any easier. YOU are special YOU are important YOU are apart of the fighting team, YOU are a service members wife, husband, child, brother, sister, mother, father and relative. Without you strong at the home front, WE suffer, period. Behind every good service member is a great loved one supporting them. Your service members are tuff trained and motivated to complete their mission away from loved ones for our country. Let’s not forget this is a team effort and remember those who have been so generous to let their prize possessions, loved ones and family members go defend this great country. Some have members that will never come back or were wounded for a cause the believed in. Those who are by themselves, struggling on food stamps and trying to make it day to day. This is truly One Team One Fight and when some stumble, others must pull the weight and help them out. We are so willing to help other countries during disasters, lets not forget about the heroes at home. They come in all sizes and ages. They are brave warriors who suffer as well especially when their loved ones don’t return. Display your flag in support regardless of how many family members you have at war or what your feelings are about the war. Make a difference! Semper Fidelis and Thank you for making your sacrifices while you’re service members are away. We will finish the job strong and will be home soon! COMBAT UPDATE Many enemy weapon caches have been found this week in mosques and homes. The enemy continues to attack with the usual IEDs. One of our convoys was attacked this afternoon with small arms by a small group of scumbags but we quickly overwhelmed them with firepower and made them pay for engaging us. The Marines did good and reacted accordingly to their training and made sure the scumbags knew they were attacking Marines. IDF (Indirect Fire) is ever present as both sides continue to fire upon on another with rocket and mortars periodically through the day. Last night included numerous mortar launches but all of them failed to cause affects on target.
Dear Soldier...Please be assured that for every grain of sand you see before you, there are millions American's standing proudly by your side. Take all our strengths, take all our courage and our commitment, we give it proudly and readily. For you are our HERO! Terri Hansen, Proud Soldiers' Angel. shansenfamily@earthlink.net
You are in our prayers too.Most Americans appreciate your sacrifices and want you to know that you are our Heroes.Please be safe..You are a dedicated group and we are thankful for your service.Jerry and Ann from Oregon
Thank you for that post. My husband is a former Marine and currently in the Army serving his second year in Iraq. ( Can I tell you how much I miss the Corps, LOL! ) Sometimes it feels as if those left at home are forgotten. I appreciate you recognizing them in your eloquent words. I know so many who are truly the Heroes at Home. God Bless and you are in our prayers! Mel
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