LOOKING GOOD As the sun came up today no one really knew what to expect to happen as Iraq began their democratic elections. One thing for sure Marines & Soldiers were ready to do their job and provide the necessary security required to ensure the scumbags didn’t interfere with our mission at hand. Across the entire AO (Area of Operations) the tempo was mild although not without fighting. The typical in your face IEDs and RPGs were ever present but your armed services prevailed and insured a safe voting atmosphere for the Iraqi people. Although the news probably wont have much to say about it, it was a success for the country of Iraq, its Army and its people. Unfortunately there were service members wounded and unfortunately paid the ultimate price today in surrounding fighting throughout the AO. We knew it wouldn’t be totally quiet and the few contact (IEDs) today took their toll on some units. Across the board the area was eerie silent as streets and markets were empty. Only polling sites were the busy places. The famous purple finger that voters get when they vote was the popular sign of the day. Unfortunately some service members will receive Purple Heart medals for their actions this day. Now as the country has made a milestone achievement they have democracy in motion. As Americans we want things done yesterday and have little patience for things not produced now. Patience is what is needed here and the coward left wing bed wetters won’t understand that. Iraq is where the US was 200 yrs ago. Will their constitution change? Yes of course as ours still changes to this day. Will there be continued fighting? Yes, there are plenty of scumbags here that need to be delt with as they recognize that their days are numbered now since they couldnt alter the elections. The fact that there wasn’t a major mass casualty of voters, SBVIED in polling centers or assassinations conducted that the foaming mouth reporters could get in the middle of just reinforces how far the Iraqi forces have come and how they are getting stronger than the scumbags. Reporter’s countrywide saturated the area days prior to the elections to hopefully catch the US forces failing. Well to damn bad it didn’t happen so pound sand! You be the judge on just how much coverage there is of the actual elections on the news tomorrow. My bet is that there won’t be much beside some BS doubters or what if this or what if that negative crap on. I know that if there were an unsuccessful election, it would have been nothing but “Breaking News� shots about how we failed. It’s a good day to be an American, stand tall America we helped a country get on its feet today. Semper Fi-Capt B
You are right- very little coverage of the successful election. Maybe the discredited American media doesn't appreciate all you do for us, but we ordianary Americans do. Be safe and God bless you and your family.
A Houston supporter
I heard from the MSM that there were zero suicide bombers.
Those of us in Kentucky also realize what you're doing is important and vital to the freedom of Iraq and the United States.

Stand for freedom!
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