LIFE IS GOOD 2300 Oct 11th, we were sitting outside and just finished up smoking a nice cigar and laughing about stuff that happened that day. A half mile away a typical explosion from an IED (105mm Artillery shell) which is then quickly followed by enemy AK47 machinegun fire. This gets our attention as its followed up by the distinct sound of good ol American 50 caliber machine gunfire returning fire. Sustained gunfire continues for a good 3-4 minutes which Im sure felt like a lifetime for the warriors getting some there. As additional units add to the fight and begin returning fire the shooting is closer now. This goes on until the enemy rounds stop and small bursts conclude the attack. These type of attacks are pretty frequent around here. We are usually fortunate to out gun the scumbags and help them meet Allah. Its past midnight and curfew (2300) and just as Im beginning to get some sleep a ever present F18s above apparently are called in for a CAS (Close Air Support) mission. Although its not their nature to come down low, the screech of them traveling sub sonic like at an air show begins to make the hairs on my neck stand up just as the rush of the aircraft flys over for his mission and rattles the hooch. I know there are 2 out there and just as I get that thought out the second come by as the first just as fast. The night stays pretty quiet after that. All throughout the day of the 12th the city is still as people begin to make themselves scarce as the elections approach. The city will be under a lot of security to ensure their safety to vote. The locals want to vote and will but they know to that the scumbags have an agenda to spoil it but aren’t deterred. Evening approaches (mortar time) and without surprise, 2 rounds impact just off base causing no damage or injuries. Small amounts of gunfire can be heard off in the distance but Haji is resting up for the upcoming days. He will probably want to attack us to distract us from the elections process. We are ready but we’ve never been ones to wait.
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