THE ENEMY There were a couple small arms ambushes today with IDF, nice touch scumbags. Our convoy was hit by another IED. Third time wasn’t a charm for Haji as we escaped from injury as we do so often because of our superbly built Hummers. Being hit three times is nothing compared to IED hunters who go looking for IEDs before they can hit convoys (fuuuun job…..) Their encounters have been in the 20s and have escaped without injury. 120mm rockets slam into the area tonight but no injuries, they set them up on timers so their aim is anything but good. However the kill radius is big with a 120mm rocket so they don’t have to be dead on tgt. So much for the quiet night. The enemy is notorious for shooting at us then running into mosques with fortified positions established. They think we won’t fire on the mosques, they are wrong. Read about recent fighting here Many people don’t know who we are fighting. Syrians, foreign fighters, who is the enemy ?? Well here is a basic explanation. You have the Shiates, Sunni and Kerds. The Kerds are pretty much off to the side and are just shaking their heads saying have a good time killing one another. Then you have the Shiates who are the biggest percentage of the Iraq people. They really are happy about the elections because now they get a big say of what happens in Iraq where as when Sadam was in charge they were the ones suffering the most. Then finally you have the Sunni (Sadams loyalists people & also the smallest percentage in Iraq) they have always been the smallest group but had the most power and had life the best under Sadam and they really dislike the Shiates but they hate us and everything America stands for to include freedom. They hate us for what we have done (established democracy) and taken away what they had (controlled chaos). In turn they fund, house and aide Iraqi (Sunni) fighters and insurgents. Any outsider fighter is morethan likely Sunni at heart. Your average Iraqi really doesn’t want us here but then again they don’t support the big time scumbag Zarqawi either. Yip you guessed it he’s Sunni. They are glad for what we have done but down deep will be glad to see us go away and let them work things out their way. This of coarse means all out civil war between the three groups. This will probably happen once we depart. However, the seed of democracy now will help structure the country once all three groups have fought it out and come together as one. BUT this will take a very long time if ever. Meanwhile the Iraqi army will defend against outsiders (scumbags) trying to influence the outcome and with democracy and freedom we will make sure everyone plays nice and at the same time establish a foundation here. The enemy says everything on the opposite side and blows things WAY out of proportion against us. See what the enemy says here. The job here is a ways from being over. However, this place is light years ahead of where it was 5 years ago.
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