CNN and the Iraqi Army Ok, I got to say after hearing all the BS on the news (CNN bed wetters), “is the Iraqi force this� and “The Iraqi force that�. “Are they going to make it� and the continuing tree hugging statements on the situation in Iraq. I get the hairy feeling that the networks are throwing darts and trying to figure out what the heck is really going on here and trying to punch holes in the Presidents plan and the Country’s agenda. Yes, their attention has been towards hurricanes and stuff and really so has the general publics. Hey that’s OK. I know myself I didn’t follow every bit of gun fighting that happened over here when I was in the states nor do we need everyone’s 24/7 attention. On the topic of CNN here is a news flash, the footage they use isn’t even the right places they talk about. Their reporters hang out in Baghdad and report stuff about a good 24hrs late. Let me break it down Barney Style for some that may get a bit sidetracked. The country of Iraq equals the land of freaking chaos. We come in and simultaneously attract more criminals that want to kill Americans, good for us bad for the Iraqi people. But, it had to be done sooooooooo we can get the country on its feet. Its really very simple. We come in to Iraq, ruff up and eliminate a bunch of terrorist cells, slap them around and tell them to play nice or face the consequences. They on the other hand have a different agenda to turn the entire country into the way they live and kill Americans, big negative. Meanwhile the Iraqi government was nothing more than rubble until we begin getting smart guys together to rebuild their (whats left) of their country. We had to establish their government at the same time push the thugs out of here. No one else would do it. This is the same as Afghani as well. As we rid the earth of pond scum we begin from ground level and begin building stability in villages (remember they have tribesmen) and improving their lives. Building schools, opening factories that were used before as sniper platforms and weapon caches and continue training and building Iraqi Police and armed forces so they can defend themselves (repeating theme). This doesn’t happen over night. You guys know that. Some on the other hand like to take swings at the President and our actions over here like a piñata because its not done yet. Ive said it once and I’ll say again, give war a chance. These Iraqi Police and military are getting proficient, they are getting better and they are beginning to out number the bad guys. CNN will say “are they going to be able to fight on their own?� Well there has always been internal fighting and a continuous struggle here and Afghani and other middle east countries. The real kicker, it will continue to happen even when we leave. I feel bad for the fist knuckle dragger that makes the wise crack after US pulls out of here and says “See we didn’t do anything, they are still fighting� get the bail bond ready. Great servicemen of all ranks have died here and have paid the price to bring freedom here and to rid the world of terrorism and the threat to the US and countries abroad. Some people just dont get it. Time for a cigar.
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