THE BBQ It’s a nice sunny day today except for the black smoke off to the east as the Army & Marine team engages the enemy in Ramadi. Continuous IED and small arms fighting continues as Marine Gun ships circle in support with “Fast movers� (Jets) above them in support. I smell a BBQ and think about green grass, fresh air, yellow corn on the cobb and just plain ol nice summer days. But its not BBQ, NO it’s a burning building blowing from the east. This afternoon prayer begins over the Ramadi city loudspeakers. Its such a joy to hear their anti American gibberish prayers several times a day, especially at night. “Attack the Americans� (in Arabic)………Bla Bla Bla. So it seems and is sometimes. It takes everything we have not to blast them back with some old fashioned rock music American style! There is a strange phenomenon in this area where loud speakers seem to attract 5.56 size bullet holes, especially in the Fallujah area, we cant figure out how it happens….. Two Marine Helos continue to fly at high altitudes as insurgent small arms fire rings out from the city aimed towards them. They are too high to be affected nonetheless it’s a threat out there. The usual ringing of IEDs in the distances continue as the day goes by. What will I do when I get home and have no more frequent explosions??? What’s a guy to do? Start small fires’ with explosives and through beer cans at joggers! I probably wont be able to sleep because it will be too quiet………..yea right. The daily IDF (Indirect Fire) aka mortar fire has yet to come today although Haji got his licks in yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it I swear these guys have someone with Binos watching me. Bad guy talking: OK, he’s going into the head, let er rip! 120mm Chinese rocket slams 150m away from me. Can a guy just get a few minutes by himself when nature calls?? For the love of God how does it always happen that way??? (See Oct 6 entry about Porta Johns) Nothing like “getting small� crouched down in the can trying not to get extra holes in me. My family will think Im nuts when Im taking cover in the head at home. There might be a couple questions to answer…….
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