Another Fine Marine Corps Day The sun has began to rise early now as we set our clocks back. It comes up around 0530 and sets at 1800. The temperatures are nice compared to the 120 & 130 degrees. Body Armour isn’t that bad now, we are soo use to it. That’s what can be tricky here as your walking along minding your own business and everything changes in a heartbeat with incoming or an IED. You think to your self “ I could be dead in flash� but if you think about it that applies to you back in the states as well. Im a firm believer that when its your time its your time. Granted you don’t need to jump in front of a train but you cant walk around on egg shells. Im here to do my job and although when meeting the enemy do I feel fear? Sure, but its what you do with that fear that matters. Courage is the same way. Being afraid but continuing on and dealing with the situation. Military training helps this a lot as does plain ol experience and age. I found this to be especially true when teaching Marines to climb Mtns. When you climb you are scared at 60-80 ft off the ground. Being scared keeps you alive. Death isn’t pretty and many people that haven’t been experienced to it (some never have not even death in their family) act the same every time. It may sound cold but if their dead their dead and you should act so others don’t get dead. That’s why its always to remember, there’s no such thing as a fair fight and it ok to go big and ugly early. The Morale of the Marines here is very good. The ones who have been here more than 6 mos are doing really good. You tend to dismiss your ways back home and conduct life here. Days do fly by here as we are busy and events are packed with attention to detail. Ive talked to Marines that go back to the states for R&R and they are timid when in traffic and traveling (we don’t like cars next to us) and they react accordingly. Here you always have that “someone is trying to kill you thought� out there constantly in your head. Haji, (you will see me use this term. Haji is actually a complement for a Muslim who has made the hajj to Mecca) will get out of your way on the road. Those that don’t are sad Haji’s. When we first got here and artillery and mortars would depart close by. Everyone would jump and get startled. Now you may jump if they are shooting over your head but you know in a second if its friendly or not. Now incoming is all together different. I guess this whole blog thing is kinda a release. It’s a journal for myself as I wrote in several note books before and now I can do this and share it instantaneously. I wish I had this capability in Afghanistan. All of the Marines are doing very good, especially the younger ones. I am proud to serve with all of them. SEMPER FI
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